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Botanical Findings   Botanical Findings is an independent company part of Hamilton's Plant Services. It is the product and reflection of the passion of the founders for special, beautiful and rare plants that thrive in the diverse micro-climates of the Bay Area.

The founders are Cris Hamilton, a specialist in indoors an tropical plants and Dr. Alexander P. Montenegro, an avid collector, traveler and expert in growing exotic species in outdoors condition in this climate.

We specialize in giving your garden a totally unique personality by creating small focal area(s) specially designed for a dramatic effect.

Secret gardens, meditation gardens, special collections gardens, water and rock features, reflection pools...

We can transform your beautiful garden into a special garden - a reflection of your best hidden artistic and spiritual expression.

If your garden is beautiful but could be extraordinary, or if you are not totally happy with your landscape... let us show you what we can do by adding a dramatic entrance way, a fern grotto, a rock and moss garden or a cool orchids growing area!

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